Legacy GPT Tournament Report- Top 8 with Chalice Affinity

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Legacy GPT Tournament Report- Top 8 with Chalice Affinity

Postby Akatsuki » Sat Apr 16, 2011 10:51 pm

Hi again all, today I just finished in the top 8 of a GPT.


1 Ancient Den
4 Seat of the Synod
3 Vault of Whispers
4 Darksteel Citadel
2 Glimmervoid
3 Ancient Tomb
4 Mox Opal

4 Ornithopter
4 Memnite
4 Frogmite
4 Master of Etherium
4 Phyrexian Revoker
1 Ethersworn Canonist
2 Etched Champion

4 Thoughtcast
4 Cranial Plating
4 Chalice of the Void
4 Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas

3 Disenchant
2 Ethersworn Canonist
3 Perish
3 Relic of Progenitus
3 Cabal Therapy
1 Tormod's Crypt

Round 1- Zoo (0-2) Hughes

Game 1, I kept a hand with Ancient Tomb and 3 Master of Etheriums. I knew he was playing Zoo, and I figured if I could draw U, I would win. Bad idea. My Ancient Tomb ended up doing me a fair bit of damage and I eventually get whittled down to low life and just needed to topdeck a burn spell to finish me off. But luckily, he swung with his team, I blocked and fell to 2. I had a Master and a Plating and a 5/5 Citadel. I untap, fail to draw any artifact and am literally 1 point short of killing him. GG

Game 2, I play Chalice of the Void and 2 Phyrexian Revokers on Qasali, developping a threatening board position with a Plating and a Memnite and a Frogmite. He grips my Chalice, then double bolts my two revokers, blocks frogmite AND kills plating. Then he plays KOTR. I still have Memnite and Frogmite, so I play Perish and get him down to 8. He drops a goyf. Now I realize that I should have saved the Perish instead of pushing through 3 measly damage. He ends up gaining control and winning. Sheesh.

Round 2- Enchantress (2-1, should have been 1-2)

Game 1- I get him down to low life, and he plays double Elephant Grass. I eventually draw my 4th land and win the turn before he goes crazy with words of war.

Game 2- He wins as I'm stuck on one land (I kept because I had a possible turn 1 CotV and a couple of Revokers and a plating. maybe a bad call...)

Game 3- He goes completely nuts and has the game locked down, but makes GIANT play error. I had a CotV at 1 and 3, and he let his Solitary Confinement die. He plays another one, only to have it countered by Chalice. I had a Tezzeret at 4 ready to kill him next turn, but he had 4 4/4 Angels from Sigil. He failed to see that he could simply attack Tezzeret and finish me off next turn (I was at 10 life due to Ancient Tombs). Moral of the story: if you make a big mistake, analyze it after the game. Always try to figure out the best possible play.

Round 3- Dredge Ben (2-1)

He combos out game 1, I win game 2 and 3 with patient hate.

Round 4- UBR Welder Reanimator- Tom (2-0)

Pretty good matchup, game 1 he chose to fetch Inkwell instead of Sphinx. I win with Plating on Champion. If he had chosen the Sphinx it would have been a tight race. I think he had the advantage since the life total change for him was +12, whereas for me it was probably +10. It would have been close though since I did some early damage.

Game 2- Revokers blow out welders and plating finishes him off.

Round 5- Reanimator- Ben (2-0)

Game 1- He mulls to 5 and has no lands. I get him down to 2 life with Canonist and Revoker beats and he gets out a Blazing Archon. I play a Thoughtcast and get my 4th land, enough to cast Tezzeret. I try to play Tezzeret, and then Ben tells me it's countered due to Thoughtcast and Canonist. I say I can't play it, and it goes back to my hand. Little did I know, that won me the game. He had a Daze for my Tezzeret. I was debating whether or not to wait, but I felt like he had opportunities to Daze me before, which he didn't take, so I wanted to go for it and dodge a top deck FOW or something. Luckily my own deck saved me from my stupidity and I play Tezzeret next turn and defend him with Ornithopter to seal the game.

Game 2- He plays a careful study, discarding archangel and exhume. I play a tormod's crypt, baiting the daze. He does not take the bait. I play memnite, ancient tomb, COTV. I meet the daze. I Therapy him, naming Animate Dead. I miss, and see Show and Tell and Reanimate. I foolishly decide to take the Reanimate, when I already had the crypt out.

However, I am lucky and I end up winning with a Plating before he finds anything.

Top 8- Dragon Stompy (0-2)

I whittle him down to 3 life, and he has 2 Ancient Tombs, and a Wasteland out. I have two revokers out, one naming dragonlord and the other naming pit dragon. During his turn, he removes Spirit Guide playing Magus, and then his own revoker to stabilize. I wait ages to topdeck a relevant creature (cough, not ornithopter) and he eventually scoops a win out of nowhere with Lodestone Golem and Pit Dragon beats.

Game 2- I play land, memnite, mox opal, frogmite, then therapy. I get blown out by a Pyrokinesis. He finds another Spirit Guide to blow my revoker out with a flame tongue kavu, and a manic vandal seals the deal. Ouch.

All in all, I think Chalice Affinity is really strong in the current meta (except against the mirror and dragon stompy, obv). I think Zoo is a good matchup, I just had bad luck (I know, I know). Overall though, I'm not sure I'm that happy with the deck. Essentially, I went 3-3, discounting my silly win round 2 against Enchantress. I finished 3rd in the Swiss (Yay 9 Boosters - 4 Boosters for each person who lent me cards (Thanks Tom Hooker, the other Tom, Hughes, Jim and Mike!) = 5 Boosters)

It was a great day overall, and I'll have to keep making further changes and do more testing to see if I want CotV or Signal Pest and more robots.

Anybody else a fan of robots? :)
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Re: Legacy GPT Tournament Report- Top 8 with Chalice Affinit

Postby Akatsuki » Sat Apr 16, 2011 10:56 pm

Just some thoughts on my biggest mistakes

1. Wait to play Perishes. 3 damage and 1 Knight is not worth it against Zoo.
2. After casting Therapy, I should have named Show and Tell since I already had an answer for Reanimate (Tormod's Crypt on the field).
3. I should have named Simian Spirit Guide game 1 against Dragon Stompy. I had 3 revokers (2 on pit dragon and 1 on dragon lord) I should have realized Magus was his only out, and I should have played around all opportunities he had to cast it. Argh. I guess this was tricky though.

Other than that, I'm fairly satisfied with my decklist. It was designed to beat combo by packing combo hate and discard, with Tezz, plating and Master against aggro/control. I'm not sure if I can make the decklist that much better. That being said, perhaps Chalice Affinity is not the way to go. Maybe just having more robots is better.

Also, I'll be sure to bring back all the cases people gave me with the cards they lent. So sorry that I forgot to return them along with the cards!
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Re: Legacy GPT Tournament Report- Top 8 with Chalice Affinit

Postby JamSpot » Mon Apr 18, 2011 9:56 am

Nice report and well done on your finish. :)

Please help me foil build my Cube - My wants are listed here.
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